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The Process:
a church podium
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Other Works
Other Works by Richman Design

Custom Corner Shelves
Client was looking to fill a corner space above a TV. This was accomplished with two quarter round shelves, supported by 1” clear acrylic braces. As shown the shelves measurer 30” x 30” bottom & 24” x 24” top.

Custom Communion Table
Once again “Redemption Christian Church”, comes to us to produce a very custom Communion Table. Shown here on stage, the piece measurers 32” x 60” x 36”OAH.

Custom Display Case
Beth Sholom Congregation Synagogue of Frederick, MD requested a highly customized display case for a Holocaust Torah. The case measures 48"w x 10"d x 29"h, constructed out of 1/2" acrylic. Each side of the case has five Star of David's out of 2" thick acrylic . The center stars bearing the names of nine concentration camps. Each star took eight hours to hand polish.

Custom Wall Sconces
These custom Wall Sconces were design to work with the Pulpit design. There were six sets, three on each side of the sanctuary.

Custom Backgammon Table

Custom Bath Handrail
Custom designed handrail for a large jacuzzi tube. The rail was made from 3 pieces of 2" cast acrylic rod, cut and then glued together. The glued parts were then sanded and polished and placed in the solid brass holders. Custom designs and sizes are availble upon request.

Custom Display Box (collection of Ivory crarvings)
Privite collection of hand craved Ivory Fruit.

Custom Reception Desk
Custom Reception Desk with clear display shelves for entrance to a Church. Dimenision of 96" x 48" x 32" OAH. The finish is a custom laquer.

Custom Hand painted Pyramid
This hand painted Pyramid is the top of a Humidor created with another artist. Shown here measuring 9" x 9" x 8" OAH. Made from 4" acrylic.

Custom Cocktail Table:
Dimensions: 54" x 110" x 18" OAH Acrylic: (3part) glued to be one solid part 2"thick base has a 16" x 16" x 14"H solid pyramid with 4" thick supports.

Custom Pasma TV Stand
This custom Plasma TV stand was created for a client who had no wall space in the room. It was designed to be able to be turned on wheels to be viewed from two rooms. As shown in the photo the Plasma seam to float on the top. The lower shelves where for the sound and other equipment.

TV Stand (another view)


wide shelves

Custom Solid Column (Client in Mexico)
This has 8 sides, is 12" thick, and is 9’ tall.

Custom Art Stands

Phantom measuring blocks
These acrylic blocks are 10 cm square x 2 , 4 & 6 cm thick. This was a special order for a reseach physicist at the National Naval Medical Center. They are used for testing on a GE x-ray machine. The measurments were within + or - 2mm. The felt lined acrylic black box was custom made to protect and store them.