Adopted Sculpture

The Process:
a church podium
from concept to

Custom beds by Richman Design

Orleans Headboard Orleans Endtables
Orleans Headboard constructed of 1-1/4" acrylic, it measures 64" x 32" in height. Headboard mounts to bed frame or to the wall. Custom sizes are available Blend the classic with the oriental to create its unique architectural shape crafted from 1" acrylic. The endtables here have a 3/4" thick glass inset with black acrylic drawers. The size shown here is 24" x 18" x 25" in height. Custom sizes are available.

CLassic Bed
The Classic Bed is a collaboration of acrylic, brass, marble and fabric to create a timeless classic. Acrylic: 3" fluted Brass: 6" solid brass Marble: 6" x 6" columns Fabric: 15 yds. COM Customs sizes are available.