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Cocktail Tables
Custom made Cocktail tables by Richman Design

Ferris II Cocktail Table
This versatile design can accommodate either a glass inset or marble inset with a choice of several colors and grades. Dimensions: Top–60" x 30"; Height–16". Various colors and grades of marble or granite insets available at additional cost. Other sizes available.

Elsea Cocktail Table
OG detailing accents this handsome cylinder design with 3/4" glass top. Dimensions: Top–42" diameter with beveled edge; Height–16". Custom sizes available upon request.

S J Cocktail Table
A striking triangular design that can accent virtually any room or decor. Dimensions: Top–48" sides to triangle; Height–16". Custom sizes available upon request

Arch Parsons Cocktail Table
This design is a unique blend of classic and oriental styles, crafted of 1 1/4" acrylic with glass inset top. Dimensions: Top–48" x 36"; Height–16". Also available in 1" acrylic and custom sizes.

Wallack Cocktail Table:
The Wallack Table combines geometric simplicity with a contemporary prismatic design. The angular pedestal is free-standing. Dimensions: Top–48" x 24"; Height–16". Custom sizes available upon request.

Deco Cocktail Table
This Deco-inspired cocktail table features an elegant double-curved acrylic pedestal topped off by beveled glass. Dimensions: Top–30" x 60"; Height–16". Also available as a dining table, with custom sizes upon request

Alpha Cocktail Table
A striking table with an attractive geometric base, configured in a faceted "A" shape. Dimensions: Top–48" x 24"; Height–16". Also available in dining and custom sizes.

V-2 Cocktail Table
The V-2 Cocktail Table features crisp lines with heavy bevel detailing. The 16" two-part pedestal of 1-1/4" acrylic is shown with 60" x 26" boat shaped glass top.

Omega Cocktail Table
The Omega Cocktail Table is constructed of 2-1/2", 2-3/4" and 3" acrylic and features an attractive and functional bi-level design. The Omegas shown here measure 31" in diameter and stand 17" high, 42" in diameter and stand 16" high. Custom sizes available upon request.

Clove Cocktail Table Rectangular
The Clove Cocktail Table is a Neo Classic four-leg design, hand carved in 2" acrylic with sculpted clover leaf base. The cocktail table shown here with a 30" x 42" x 3/4" racetrack oval glass top with a 1" bevel. Custom sizes available upon request.