Adopted Sculpture

The Process:
a church podium
from concept to

New Work
Podiums by Richman Design

Church Pulpit
Once again, a new design from the past. After viewing our site, a church from North Carolina liked the look of the "1991 Academy Awards" Podium. Re-designed with a lighter look, it is shown here measuring 30" x 20" x 44" OAH. At the pastor's request, a small shelf for a water glass was blended into the design.

True to the original client sketch.

Victory Church Pulpit
The Victory Church found Richman Design on the web. After meeting at the Church, several designs were submitted while meeting. This is the one chosen. Please view the “Process” to the left to see the making of this Pulpit.

Podium from the 1996 Warner Brothers production
After a call from the production designer for the movie, "The Body Guard" a copy of our catalog was sent. After reviewing, they choose the "Clove Dining table design. From that the Podium was created.. This Neo-classic design would compliment any Church as a Pulpit. It measurers 32" x 24" x 48"OAH

Dual mike set-up

Single mike set-up

Standard Tabletop Podium

Quilted nylon soft cover available with or without logo. Also available in hard cover.

Custom Wood Podium
This podium was a special design for the Ambassador from Taipei. It was constructed out of 3/4" VC Mahogany. This was to be used by the Ambassador for all speaking engagements.

Custom Hard Travel Case
This specially designed hard travel case was ordered for Lighting & Sound Company in California. The case was designed to be able to lie on any side, to save in storage space. The interior of Podium Hard Case, lined with 2” foam covered in carpet will protect the podium in any position. This case is for our standard Podium.